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Okay, I've been a cannabis user for longer than I can admit. When I discovered dry cannabis flower vaporizers it was incredibly disappointing. However, boy has the technology improved! Personally, I found with the right vaporizer the health benefits are endless.

What is vaping cannabis, and should you invest in a decent cannabis vaporizer? Are there any health implications? As this topic is still fairly new, I feel there needs to be more research and studies done around this topic. However, from my personal experience, it has been life-changing.

What is vaping?

Vaporizing Cannabis is the process whereby active ingredients such as THC and CBD are released by heating cannabis at lower temperatures without ever igniting the herb.

Vaping cannabis is fast becoming a trend in today’s cannabis society. Being a more discreet, safe and flavourful way of consuming cannabis. Vaporizing cannabis removes around 95% of the smoke that is usually inhaled. It also extracts up to 70% more of the cannabinoids whereas smoking burns up about 75% of the cannabinoids. So essentially, you're getting more out of your herb.

Everyday stoners might find it difficult to adapt to vaping cannabis, old habits die hard. The ritual of rolling or ending the day with a toke on your favorite glass piece is harder to let go of. However, nothing can top a pull on a decent cannabis vaporizer. The flavors are pure and the effect is smooth and clear. For those just discovering cannabis vaping read this quick instruction guide before getting a new vape.

Step 1: Invest in a Vaporizer

There are many options to go for, portable, tabletop even multipurpose ones. you will want to find one that fits your lifestyle and habits. that way the transition over from smoking is more comfortable. if you've never smoked and now exploring this option as a way to ingest your herbs then I would recommend looking for a decent convection-heating vape. 

Invest some money in a decent vape. Vapes are expensive today however, if you do some research you will find that you are getting what you pay for. At the end of the day, you want your first vaping experience to be good and worth the money you have spent.

When you buy a new vaporizer look for things, full temperature control, heating methods, oven composition, and a decent battery. You will find that the more money you pay the better the vape will look, feel and most importantly smoke.

By reading reviews and doing some research on vaporizers you will be sure to find the best vape for you and your wallet. Make sure to invest in a decent vape and you won’t regret it in the long run.

Step 2: Learn how to vape and what you will need.

Depending on if you're using a dry herb vape or cannabis extract vape these steps may vary.

Dry herb - Find yourself some good quality cannabis. Yes, quality matters. The more trichomes the more vapor production. Also, you don't want your stash to be too wet, this makes the vapor a bit harsh.


Cannabis Extract - Try to keep this as pure as possible. Check the extraction process and if there are any carrier oils you shouldn't be inhaling... Personally, I prefer dry cannabis.

Vaporizer - Choose wisely, if you're more of an at-home user tabletop is the way to go! If you're always on the go invest in a decent portable.

Grinder - A good quality grinder is important. Your grind can affect the quality of your session. You want your grind to be medium to fine whilst light and fluffy. This allows the heat to be evenly dispersed between the flower getting most of its trichomes. Which makes for great vaping and smooth vape.

Accessories - Just like a bong or pipe eventually the vaporizer will dirty. Most come with a small brush and stir tool to remove or stir your cannabis. Some vapes also provide IPA alcohol which is great for cleaning cannabis residue. (make sure the vaping material can withstand cleaning chemicals)

Step 3: How to prepare and pack your vaporizer.

  1. Grind your cannabis to an even consistency. Especially when using a conduction vaporizer, the more consistent the better.
  2. Depending on your device and its heating method, pack your chamber or oven. Pack the cannabis as flat as possible for surface area and not too tight to allow airflow.
  3. Turn your vape on and choose the preferred temperature.

That simple.

Step 4: How to inhale vape from a vaporizer?

If you have never smoked a cannabis vape before it might take a few puffs to get used to. Even though the vape is smoother than smoke it might still cause coughing as the vape fills your lungs. You won't expect how potent the smooth cloud can be.

  • Wait for at least 15-30 seconds after your vape has reached temperature before taking a drag.
  • Take a few small short drags to prime the cannabis and vape.
  • Take a pull on the mouthpiece until you can feel your lungs are filled with vapor. (a slow steady drag is advised)

AVB is short for already vaped bud, which means that if you vape cannabis at a low temperature to start off with you can revisit the same oven of cannabis later on at a higher temperature. Some people still try to use the AVB in edibles however, I find with a good device there really won't be anything left.

How to clean a vaporizer?

As all stoners know, cleaning a bong or a pipe is a dirty situation. Cleaning your vape, on the other hand, is a lot easier and way cleaner. By making a ritual of it try and clean your vape after every smoke session. this too will vary from device to device. But remember a clean vape is happy vape and will perform better.

Usually, the dry herb would easily fall out of the oven because of its dry consistency. The vape will come with a small brush that will assist with this simple step. By raising the temperature on your last session to about 200 degrees Celsius, the terpenes and other good chemicals in cannabis are released which leaves dry herb. Brush out any excess herb and make sure that your vaporizer is off.

Remove the mouthpiece of your vape if you can, dip an earbud into some IPA(iso prop alcohol) and swab the inside of the mouthpiece to remove excess vapor that sticks to the inner walls of your vape.

If possible take a pipe cleaner and soak it in IPA as well, then snake in through the inside of your vape vent. Try not to let your vape go for too long without cleaning it. Residue build-up can cause inaccurate vaping and sometimes temperature. A clean vape is a happy vape and most importantly a happy vaper.


So after years of consuming cannabis by means of smoke inhalation. I had developed a morning cough, phlegm on the chest and a constant tickle at the back of my throat. Well, within 2 weeks of vaping instead of smoking the cough had stopped the phlegm had lifted and tickle... what tickle!

The effect is cleaner, more energizing and my herb is lasting way longer. If you haven't made the switch yet now is the time. Please note: Vaporizers are not medical devices. The products and the claims made about them are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Check out our article on the Latest Vaporizing technology for more.

Peace and Love


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