Dr. Green Fingers
Dr. Green Fingers

Dr. Green Fingers is a leading provider of alternative medicinal cannabis products in South Africa.

Wouter Bredenkamp
Reviewed 22 May 2020

Good Stock

I've ordered stock from them for a while now. Ive always received my order with what I ordered and the amount was also spot on. Very happy with the services delivered.
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Mel Moses
Reviewed 22 May 2020

Honest And Reliable

Been using their service for almost 2 years moved provinces and still got amazing service. People have used their branding to scam people! However this is the OG DR Greenfingers and he communicates if he is having issues with deliveries.
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South african marijuana
KwaZulu Natal
Reviewed 25 April 2020


I recently deposited money into their account and they lied about sending my order and tried to scam me. Luckily my bank helped me get my money back. Beware of these people.
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Jonathan Davids
Reviewed 08 April 2020

Worst Service No Feedback No Product

So I paid on Thursday and was advised my delivery is for the next morning. It's been a week later NO FEEDBACK. NO RESPONSE. NO PRODUCT ..
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