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Dr. Green Fingers
Dr. Green Fingers

Dr. Green Fingers is a leading provider of alternative medicinal cannabis products in South Africa.

Dirk de Jong
Reviewed 23 September 2020

Bad Service, No Proper Comminication.

Good day, I have not waited as long a some people for my order, however, every time I would ask for an update, I will receive a vague answer, I also provided a comprimise by stating I dont have issues with products being substituted, as they said one product is out of stock. This dispensary has always been a favorite of mine, but recent events has shown me that they are not very concerned with their customers, or atleast customers that dont buy extreme amounts.
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Inga Gxowa
Reviewed 30 July 2020

Good Dank, Shitty Driver

Ordering the weed was no issue, they were quick to tell me that the weed I wanted was available but when I asked about the delivery fee (cause I knew they’d probably have one) and when they would be delivering the weed, etc. they were silent.

I assumed they’d just ignored me completely but a week later I get a message from another employee, he’s the driver and apparently has my order with him???!!!???

I’m not doing much anyways so I agree to get the weed but because I’m in an estate and it’s level 4 I have to get out and because the car wasn’t home at the time I had to walk, I told him about it and he said it was no problem.

I’d asked about the price again to make sure the money I had would be enough for the weed I wanted and he confirmed that it was the right amount but when I got to him he was annoyed at me, even though I didn’t know about the delivery until 20 minutes ago and he knew I was walking. He got even more angry with me when the delivery fee money I brought (like R100) with me wasn’t “enough”. Nobody would tell me the fee, because it was a whole entire R190 and because this guy was already so big and intimidating and I was getting super scared and anxious (luckily it was in an open area and the area had security around it) I had to pull strings to make sure he would get the money and not use me as an anger-management punching bag.

Honestly, it wasn’t worth it. And when I went back to the original number of the company to complain about this person and how nobody would tell me the delivery fee they completely ignored me.

I’m only putting 2 stars because the weed was relatively good, but having to go through all of that made my encounter with Dr Greenfingers my first and last one.
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Ho Lo
Reviewed 25 July 2020

Beware Scam Company

Please becareful when buying from Dr Green Fingers. I placed an order and they did not send anything, it has been over 2 weeks now. I ask for a refund they started swearing me. Till today nothing has been received by me. No refund, nothing.
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Nedelle Naidoo
Reviewed 09 July 2020

Never Buy From Them

It's been 1 and half weeks and I'm waiting for my products. I was given the wrong products. And I'm waiting for them to exchange the products and they have not done yet. I am now waiting for 1 and half weeks. This is ridiculous.
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Maggie Joanna Roodt
Reviewed 03 July 2020


I ordered in the morning and asked specifically about same day delivery. They took my money but didn't deliver. No one answered calls or messages. Then told me they're busy. Then told me the driver got pulled over. Then told me they didn't actually place my order. Today the driver only gave a heads up before arriving - even though I asked for an ETA - then said I didn't confirm and left. Terrible service and no one cares about your complaints. Now they've taken my money but I still don't have my order.
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Nedelle Naidoo
Reviewed 30 June 2020


DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Firstly the package came after days. Then they lied about the edibles THC concentrate levels. And they didn't want to take back the products, even though I didn't eat the gummies. They refused to refund me. They lied about the products and refused to take it back.
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Western Cape
Reviewed 02 June 2020

Good Value Good Service

First time ordering and very happy with my purchase. Good quality and quantity. Will definitely keep them in mind for future purchases. Packaging was nice and discreet.
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Niel Swanepoel
Reviewed 01 June 2020

2nd Time Order And Service With A Smile

Today's delivery was amazing, I asked Dr. Happy if he can deliver today. And by my surprise he did. Not only did he deliver he phoned me to make sure I was ready to receive my order. Dr. Happy and Dr. Green Fingers. Thank you so much, I will pass on the word about your pharma care.
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Western Cape
Reviewed 29 May 2020

Excellent Service And Products

Very happy with the service and products of Dr Green Fingers. Also super friendly & nice to deal with. Moved to CT and still use their service.
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Western Cape
Reviewed 29 May 2020

Great Honest Service

As a noob, I ordered for the first time ever. Sadly during the lockdown madness my package via Aramex got lost or stolen (don’t use Aramex, ever!). No problem for the good Dr. - package replaced at no extra charge. Sent and received a day later. Brilliant, honest service and delivery. Thank you Dr I will order again soon.
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